Berge - San Martino di Castrozza

There is a hypothesis that Castrozza derives from Castrum, a Roman military outpost on a secondary road that acted as a base for the armies engaged in the conquest of the Alpine territories. Later, a Hospice was built by a spontaneous religious community, which then adopted the Rule of St. Benedict.

A new era began for San Martino di Castrozza in the mid-nineteenth century: English travellers, driven by their romantic and decadent spirit to make the long and adventurous journey to the unexplored Dolomites, “discovered” the Pale Group.

Initially these mountains fired the ambitions and interests of passionate hikers, geologists and botanists. Later the challenging peaks of the Dolomites attracted intrepid mountaineers, no longer just British. The Hospice’s inn soon proved unsuitable for providing adequate hospitality to these first explorers and mountaineers; this is when local and foreign entrepreneurs began building the first hotels.

Not everyone knows that

The Hotel Colfosco, situated at the foot of the Pale Group, evokes the atmosphere of times past and offers you a sense of wellbeing in the present.